Almost every industry has assets that require visual inspections to ascertain condition and performance. Utilising drones to undertake visual inspections is the safer choice for most situations. They help reduce risk when compared to conventional means, save on the need for the temporary or permanent structures and reduce or negate downtime of the site and systems. The premium cameras available on a drone platform allow us to provide a high resolution images for a full, detailed evaluation. These images can be supplied to the client in itemised folders and or in a report that can include information such as the image orientation, geo locations and additional visual aids to help present the information in a clear, easy to read format for your review. We can also offer a live inspection to allow us to work along-side roofing experts to identify faults instantly.






Aerial photographs are captured from above the ground to give a unique perspective of a situation that can often provide more information about the scene than that of land based shots.  With a range of different drone platforms and accessories available to us, we can offer creative and or artistic images to suit any project criteria. These can be captured by a single remote pilot or a dual pilot and camera operator. We can provide the client with a screen on site, with a live feed from the drones camera, allowing them to even have their input into capturing the exact image they are after.

We capture images in RAW format, which allows us to tailor the shot to match your vision using post production editing software like lightroom and photoshop.






We utilise the sophisticated camera technology and gimbals to capture crisp, high resolution, dynamic footage. The advancements in flight/camera control software, allows us to get the most out of the cameras by making it easy to employ a range of precision filming techniques used to create epic and immersive video content. This can be captured by a single operator (Pilot) or by a separate camera operator for maximum precision. We can capture the perfect shots whether following a pre-agreed shot list, working film plan or by being directed on-site. The drone platform offers speed and agility as well as unique angles and perspectives for project. The equipment used can capture data in RAW format, which allows us to fully manipulate the images to create high quality, professional footage to suit any project.


MODEL 2.1.png

2D Mapping and 3D Modelling

Outdoor spaces and assets can be accurately duplicated using aerial imagery and the process of photogrammetry. By employing this service we can create you a digital record of your site or asset.  2D maps and 3D models are fast to create and contain a wealth of usable information that is easy to access and easy to read. You will have access to a complete replica of your site or asset from the comfort of your office. This can also be shared between offices as a resource to help with project management, create timelines and progress reports. Dependant on the level of accuracy required, several aspects of this process can be fine-tuned to gain a sub 2cm tolerance. The process is so efficient that it can be used for timelapse and relative real-time monitoring of a site.



Thermal Imaging

The use of drones and thermal imaging have both been gaining massive popularity within the energy sectors. This is due to the reduced human risk factor, accuracy and speed of delivery compared to the previously conventional methods, with the added benefit of having digital records of each task. Using the latest IR thermal cameras and certified thermographers we can now offer thermal imaging inspection as a service. We can quickly and safely inspect assets from the ground and from an elevated position with the use of a drone and CAA certified pilots. 


This is a great non-destructive, non-contact method of investigation with instant, accurate results. By employing us to inspect your assets, we can provide you with a detailed thermographic report, identifying temperature differences that highlight issues such as electrical resistance, heat loss and water ingress. These issues could be due to faulty components, poor construction practices, condition issues and/or environmental issues. The reports we produce will help you with your scheduled maintenance planning by identify areas that need further investigation or immediate attention , keep repair costs to a minimum or completely avoid repair by bringing these issues to your attention before they progress.